We hought this would be of interest to any prospective Tigerblues kitten owners

"We thought it was time to give you a little update on Willow and Holly.
They have both settled in really well and their different personalities are shining through! Willow is very inquisitive and is very confident. Holly is a bit more timid and it takes her a little longer to assess the situation but after she is comfortable with things she is fine :-)
They are both very energetic and love playing together and with their toys. After they have tired themselves out they are quite happy to sleep on our laps or on the sofa next to us." Ben and Sarah 

 Holly and Willow        

 "Just to let you know Domino and Bojangles are settling in well and becoming part of the family.  The travel home was no problem.They were tired from their playing and just slept until we got to Portsmouth when we cuddled them and gave them a drink.Thank you for producing such beautiful natured kittens. Will keep in touch." Shirley-Isle of Wight 

Spotty Domino 

 "Just wanted to send you a few pics and let you know that they are both settling in extremely well.  They are quickly acclimatising to the change in decibel level and have 2 very excited children giving them lots of love and attention. Hope your well and thanks again for giving us your beautiful kittens." John & Family 

British Silver Spots   Spotty

 "The boys are doing really well. They love chasing and playing with each other and are eating and drinking well. Willow and Joshua love them and the boys love the attention too. I will send you some photos in a few weeks, providing they stay still for long enough to take them!Many thanks" Sarah

Spots and stripes 

"He is keen to make friends with Libby; they sniff noses and play a bit together but then she will growl or hiss at him if he oversteps the mark! I take him upstairs at night to his own room, but he is downstairs all day. I think Libby was a bit frightened of him at first, but they are gradually getting to know one another and I guess it just takes time. He has a lovely, outgoing nature whereas she has always been jumpy and shy. I don't think she was as well socialised as a kitten as yours, so thanks for that.I'll try and remember to send you a picture when I get them both together." Frances 

Silver spots            

"I thought I'd just give you a quick update on Olive with a few photos. She's doing really well and growing into a lovely cat. She's still as curious as ever and has to know what's going on at all times. But also super affectionate and loves nothing more than a good tummy rub. She's been spayed now which went well.I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful cat! We're having lots of fun together." Aysha 

Olive black silver tabby

 "Marbles and Amber are settling in well andwere fantastic the whole journey home. We shut them in the kitchen to begin with but they weren't happy with this and cried constantly....we let them out and they are roaming downstairs very happily. In fact they are tearing around and then they 'flop' in the middle for about 10 minutes before they go off on a rampage again!! They are fantastic with our little girl, in fact they let her stroke them more freely than they will my husband or I !

Thank you very much they are wonderful! We will keep in touch and let you know how everything is going photos an all!"
Eleanor - Milton Keynes                                                                          

Brown classic tabby & Silver classic tabby Amber and Marbles

"All I can say is what an amazing kitten she is! She is so beautiful, clever, soft and gentle. She has settled in so well with us and our other cat AJ. It only took one week before they were sleeping together and they have become the best of friends. She loves watching telly and chasing the World Cup ball. If it were for her England would of scored against Portugal!! If you ever decide to have another litter, it may be worth giving us  a bell, we'd definitely have 10 of her! 
 Pictures to follow "Titus is doing fine. We love him and he is such a lovely handsome boy and very affectionate and friendly. Titus loves his playmate Caspar. They play together, eat together and sleep together. They are having a great time. Titus is also a big fan of football on the TV. He sits on his own stool in front of the television!"

"Just to let you know she is still fine and  a wonderful cat! She is gorgeous and thoroughly outgoing and an absolute hunter, anything that moves in this house is stalked by Sienna!! No blue bottle lives long with us! She loves her 'brother' and they play endlessly."

     Black silver classic tabby Sienna black silver tabby
"I just wanted to say how delightful Freddie is. I took him to our vet and Rachel said he is the happiest, most confident kitten she has ever seen! He started purring when she was examining his tummy and she said he had been really well socialised and a really, happy, fit, well kitten so thank you and I promise I will take great care of him."

Freddie Silver tabby     Freddie aged 6 weeks.

"Just to let you know the kittens now called Ziggy and Tigerlily settled in very quickly after hiding for the first 24 hours! They are eating well growing quick and full of fun! Tig, is a little sweetie, very cuddly and full of purrs when you just talk to her. Ziggy is not as cuddly but loves  a tickle on his own terms! Bertie our British Lilac was not impressed initially , but has quickly accepted them without a spit or scratch, although he is getting rather fat by finishing the kittens food!"

Brown & Silver tabbys              Harry and Felicity

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